Amsterdam Sharing City is founded by Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang in 2013. Pieter and Harmen are also co-founders of shareNL, the Dutch collaborative economy agency.

The purpose of Amsterdam Sharing City is to utilize as a city the opportunities the sharing economy offers in the areas of sustainability, social cohesion and economy. And secondly to formulate answers to the challenges this rapidly growing phenomenon entails.


  • founders: Pieter van de Glind & Harmen van Sprang (shareNL)
  • act local, start nearby (both living and working in Amsterdam)
  • enormous willingness to share: 84% of Amsterdam citizens
  • Seoul already a Sharing City; why not a European Sharing City?
  • position paper (in collaboration with Amsterdam Economic Board)
  • network of ambassadors throughout the city
  • City of Amsterdam on board (first Sustainability; then CTO Office)
  • launch February 2015 / presentations + press
  • playground: starting up and accompanying pilot projects
  • soon: national Sharing City Platform
  • soon: Global Sharing City Council

Why Amsterdam?

  • digital infrastructure: more than 90% citizens online access
  • willingness to share: 84% citizens want to participate
  • startup ecosystem: promising startups + support (local) government
  • innovative corporates: more and more tap in
  • DNA: entrepreneurial spirit + creativity + collaborative + free thinkers
  • ambition: sustainable + smart + circular + innovative + sharing
  • compact & connected city
  • forerunner: regulation airbnb + pilot carsharing + green deal
  • knowledge & network: shareNL + friends

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