‘The consumer has in recent years become increasingly powerful. The sharing economy is a huge opportunity. It just fits well with Amsterdam. That’s why we want to be known as a Sharing City’ – Kajsa Ollongren  (vice mayor City of Amsterdam)



  • more sustainable and more efficient use of scarce resources
  • more affordable and easy access for consumer to products & services
  • fosters innovation of products & services
  • attract creative industries and knowledge economy
  • increase social cohesion (and safety)
  • efficiency of space and of mobility
  • opportunities for new public-private partnerships
  • growth of local economic investments
  • possibility of new extra means of existence
  • easy accessibility, for example to become an entrepreneur


  • unfair playing field
  • risk of market dominance
  • exponential growth / monopoly
  • social security / labour laws
  • when consumer/citizen and when entrepreneur?
  • monitoring of quality, safety, disturbance and when to intervene
  • oversimplified image
  • little attention for perspective of the user
  • development of the trend (and impact) difficult to predict

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